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I'm just about ready to quit.
I'm seriously done with it. Can't be log-in through Google Chrome, have to log-me in through Mozilla. I'm serious too!!! I know is just a "piss-off point", but I've just about ready to quit.
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 6 34
Red and White
Why are they here?
Why to do know?
A person was a person.
And still, they are more.
A warrior was brave.
A worker was fighting.
A writing was feeling.
And yet, still only a one person, you see.
But a human was a fighter.
A brave and pure.
A reason why I like.
A true human was a key.
A key to a lifestyle.
Feeling and know.
And say I am still human?
That, was true, no?
A true love was not a money.
Nor chocolate and gift.
But person and reason.
A true amazing thing.
That's why I'm still date-less.
Because I can't say that I will.
But all that you are “lover”.
That's was a true bliss.
Anyway, that's all for now.
Less say and do.
But I want it to say.
You are a true feeling.
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 24 21
You by RenegadeSpirit You :iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 20 28
Sky Dream's : Chapter 0
“You are a very lucky human. You are both an amazing human, and proud Sky. You are a life, and I am proud. You are a pure joy. I can't to even say it, but I know you will”.
“Be joy to you, be joy for Rudy, but be amazing, both of it. Be a joy for it. Dad was being proud too. I can't say it, but both are just to being you. I am just being you. Now, be a very best. Can't say well see you again, but I know that you are more than just human”
“Will always be a happy and proud of it. Dad's will be honest as well. Be safe, be lucky, and be you.”
With Love, Mom and Dad
P.S, a Pokemon was lucky as well.
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 15 22
Art Trade: A Nuzlocke Story
A cold breeze swept across the field, the only noise the grass bending at its will. The darkness of night made every star a father of a shadow, and the shadows were dancing in unison with the foliage. The world seemed at peace, if only for a faint moment. Until she arrived.
From a nearby forest, cracks of lightning and bursts of flames could be seen. Soon, the night was alight with the flames of battle. The sounds of trees falling and roars of unknown creatures bellowed across the field. For anyone observing the scene, fear would have gripped their souls.
Not for one brave soul.
With a flash, a blue shape flew from the trees, landing in the grass. Following the mysterious figure was a barrage of elements, varying from walls of fire to the cold grip of frozen beams. However, the shape seemed to dance as it easily avoided the attacks, firing off torrents of water at the sources of the assault.
More cries could be heard, proof of a fatality. Meanwhile, the lone blue figure continued backi
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 10 8
Frost Giant pt. 3
Fear in your eyes
Scrafty turned back down the alley in fear. A sudden gust brought the smell of smoke to her, scaring her even more. "That musta been one helluvan attack. I've godda go back. Herdier, go home. My friends and I will hold this thing back, so just run."
"Understood lass. Don't get yerself killed." Herdier said, continuing down the alleyway.
Scrafty turned and sprinted back through the alley. Entering the street, the smell of fire was stronger. She saw a flash of light to her left, so she turned. Her eyes were met with a large wall of fire, rolling across the ground.
She recognized the fire and ran towards it, hoping to find its owner. Her keen eyesight played its role, and she saw the familiar shape of Chandelure in the fire.
There was something else in the fire also. Though it was engulfed and only a shadow, it still caused her to freeze. It's body was very blocky, having numerous sharp edges. The beast was hunched over, and had an eerily dragon like body shape. It was l
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 6 29
Frost Giant Pt. 2
The Hunt
"Is it just my imagination, or is there truly a concrete wall surrounding this entire town?" Chandelure spoke. They had been searching for Black for close to an hour by now, having no luck. To pass the time, they had all engaged in conversation, the city now their target.
"I noticed it when we flew in last night. Black explained that it was because of an urban legend, but didn't know anything else about it." Swanna spoke from her spot hovering above the other two.
"I don't see what they godda be afraid of, unless they knew I was coming." Scrafty said. She had done well recovering from her previous ordeal, now back to her cocky attitude.
"All jokes aside, there is something wrong in this town. The people almost feel to be under an atmosphere of fear, hindering them. Do neither of you sense it?" Chandelure spoke.
"Nah. They just seem like skittish folk is all. Come on Swanna, I want to see if I can't see him from up high." Scrafty spoke. Swanna nodded, and they both took
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 7 4
Art Trade Pt. 2 Last Wishes
Part 2: Last Wishes
"Mom!! Mom!! Look I got my first Pokemon."
"Wonderful dear. Did you pick Chikorita like you wanted?"
"I almost did, but another nice man gave me this one instead. Wanna see?"
"Of course dear."
"See? Isn't he awesome!! I named him Char."
"So you got a Charmander? That's a wonderful name dear."

Mona tried to sit up in a rush, causing a sharp pain to rip through her chest. She tried to put her hand down in order to catch herself from dropping but another sharp pain streaked up through her arm. This time, she screamed. She fell back down on the hard floor, her whole body protesting any more movement. Taking several deep breathes to try and ease the pain she then tried to grasp the situation.
She tried to look around at what was around her, but all she could see was black. There was little light trickling down from above and her eyes hadn't adjusted to the new level of darkness. Desperately trying to stay as calm as the situation
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 6 7
Frost Giant pt.1
Frost Giant pt.1
Odd stares were natural for a trainer. Though a clear reason wasn't evident, the following eyes were. Sometimes, a few seniors would see you walk past and you could hear them weaving tales of their own adventures about when they were trainers. Some people would stare with a cold gleam in their eyes, the words born under Team Plasma not being exposed yet for what they were, lies. Some children would stare in awe, even walking up to you and asking to see the Pokemon you carried with you.
For today, it was a mix of the three. The journey to Lacunosa Town had been with a set mission in mind, one a specific trainer was eager to accomplish. The trainer, going by the name of Black, walked slowly though the peaceful town. His blue sweatshirt and black slacks hung loosely to his body, along with the pack he wore. His belt was slightly crooked, carrying only three Pokeballs on it.
However, not a single Pokemon lie within their container. The three he had chosen to accompa
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 9 125
A trainers reply

A trainer's reply

Dear Emperor
I must first apologize for the late reply. These past few months have been quite hectic with the studying, but especially in dealing with the new recruits. There have been several new additions to the team that have shown remarkable skill in battle. There have been a few grass types, but I have yet to meet one capable of defeating you.
Your old allies Minipete and Liepard have been mentors to the new recruits, if you can believe that. They both have been working hard in order to prepare the younger members for their first serious battles. Both of them have chosen to retire for the circuit for a more peaceful life (I know, I laughed at that too.) They both seem to enjoy assisting the younger ones, although they enjoy training with the more experienced members from time to time.
As for the other two though, they have chosen to remain in the professional battling circuit. Wave has proven to be more trouble though, since he was so used to w
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 10 2
Pokemon Sky Dreams: Chapter 27
A shriek split the air that was barely below painful caught their attention. Sky and Sandshrew turned to the horrid sight of hundreds of Taillow and Swellow flying towards them. It looked like a river flowing out of the trees and emptying out into the darkening sky as even more of the bird Pokemon entered into the fray, ready to eliminate their joined target.
"This isn't good." Sky said, managing to hide the panic that had sprouted within his chest. "We need to get out of here. There's no way we can even consider taking them on." Immediately after saying this, he threw his brain into overdrive. If he could ever choose to activate his powers at will, this would be the time. Unfortunately, despite gazing into the sky with full content, nothing stirred other than more stress for their bleak situation. "To think I'd even want to use these powers." The thought ran through his mind, refusing to run away but in laps.
Suddenly, the flock broke out in frenzy, several more shrill cries co
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 6 12
Pokemon Sky Dreams: Chapter 26
Chapter 25: Experience is the best teacher
Sky was almost flung from his seat as Aerodactyl took flight. He had years of flying experience under his belt as an adopted son of a gym leader, but he had never accelerated to such a high speed in such a small amount of time. He fought to keep his grip as Aerodactyl shot straight up into the clouds, climbing hundreds of feet in seconds. Gravity was working like a fierce foe trying to drag him back to the ground as he felt the forces push down on his body.
"Level out and climb at a slower rate!!!" Sky yelled over the rushing air around him, surprising himself in finding the air to do so with. Aerodactyl showed no signs of hearing him, but after several moments he acted on his command and stabilized himself; changing to a shallow incline.
Sky took a deep breath as he was finally able to find a more comfortable position to sit it. He took the time to look down with amazement at such a view painting the space below him. They were flying over a c
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 5 3
Halloween time by RenegadeSpirit Halloween time :iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 21 29
Art Trade: Burning Desire pt.1
Art Trade: Burning Desire
"Arcanine finish this with Extremespeed." The woman commanded with little interest. She almost seemed bored with her opposition. Her trained Arcanine was relentless as it raced forward at an unparalleled speed, charging into its smaller opponent. The Charmeleon it was battling braced itself as it crossed its arms in front of it defensively. The move wasn't enough as the Legendary Pokemon rammed into the fire lizard, sending it sprawling to the ground, barely conscious.
The Charmeleons trainer fell to her knees, defeated. She didn't seem over 15 with her shoulder length brown hair or juvenile figure. Her blue eyes stared at her injured Pokemon, and tears formed in the corners. Her Charmeleon managed to stand, but was too weak to continue. Instead, he walked up to her with a smile, showing he was still in good enough health. She managed to put on a smile and hug her beloved Pokemon, holding him close. The fire type returned the hug, appreciating the care.
"Now w
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 8 6
Art Trade: Lost Chapters 3
Lost Chapter 3: Bull by the horns
"Set your Pokemon here so they can heal. It isn't the most recent model though, so it may take a little time." Elane said over her shoulder, turning a switch to activate the dusty healing machine resting in the corner next to her computer and her remaining electronics. "I rarely use it because my Pokemon would rather rest on the couch and be treated like royalty. The nerve." She stepped aside and let Bull set his four Poke balls in their own independent groove in the machine. Lights below each slot, even the unused ones, lit up as the machines screen showed the status of each Pokemon.
"They are all of a decent level. However, your Hitmonlee seems rather strong for its current state. May I ask why that is?" Elane sat in the chair posted near the desk and leaned on its back, arms crossed. She wore a rather inquisitive smile, almost toying with Bull.
"We train. Both our minds, and our bodies." Bull spoke, taking a seat on her couch once more.
"Both of you
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 4 2
Art Trade: Pokemon Reflections
Pokemon Reflections
Chapter 1: Team B.G.
Team B.G had been traveling up Sky Tower for some time now. They had fought through countless foes, hunger, and fatigue. They had worked hard to make it this far, and none of them were willing to give up.
The three members now were Daxma, Chikorita and Absol. Daxma was known on his team as Bluesoul and his past was his problem. He had woken up one day with only the memory of being human, but found himself inside the body of a Totodile. He had quickly adapted to it though, becoming the brave and reckless leader of Team B.G.
Chikorita, known as Greensoul, was his faithful comrade and friend. She had been the one who had found him that day, and had stuck by his side ever since. She had never once doubted his story, and was confident that they would find the truth. She was a caring Pokemon, helping those around her and protecting those who needed it.
Darksoul was most recent member of the team. Even in common life, he had learned to go by his team n
:iconrenegadespirit:RenegadeSpirit 3 14


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Feeling and expression can often change your impute on a greater life by it. Anyone can see that you are breathing into a new force by ...

I've not going to hide it, your art is AWESOME!!! I actually love and surprising on how much time, effect and passion you have to see i...

I got to say, your art is just a masterpiece worthy of a class Triple S "YES!!!" Your art, your energy bursting out with your creative ...



Feeling and expression can often change your impute on a greater life by it. Anyone can see that you are breathing into a new force by a mixture of your color and tempo on it. Going on to the Originality on it, while you did give credit for it, I will give just a little bit more for our own Deviantart, not just an art. Still, the fine words is a fantastic art with a fantastic Deviantart. I can see it as nothing wrong but a smiling and a two thumps up for it. Take care, my very good alley.
I've not going to hide it, your art is AWESOME!!! I actually love and surprising on how much time, effect and passion you have to see it!!! I would think that your art is "a great art", until you realize that is a play-by-play artist who actually blinking is just an outstanding. Well done for you. However, I have to minus a few tiny error for it. Not because a small error or anything else. But to realize that your art is AWESOME by it, and that your reflex and judgement and be a blessing in decide by it. Well done!!
I got to say, your art is just a masterpiece worthy of a class Triple S "YES!!!" Your art, your energy bursting out with your creative and a blissful art is a truly amazing for it. I will not lie went I tell you that your art is your own, and you did it with flawless reaction of an art.

The only two things that doesn't made a perfect score for it. The originality is a bit "classy" because it's wasn't an O.C. And the impact is bit "not 100%". Still through, an excellent art for it. Keep up an explosive art you got!
You did an amazing job telling this story for it. Glad that you are both being an excellent idea and thrilling writing for it. Ground level and planning out each and every sentence is an eye's-owner for it. The only thing that you give to much credit is YOU. You must learn your writing and practice your timing and practice with it. Give as much as you allow, and dive through it. Make a greater, more over-showing it with practice. Again, I've just a Deviantart, but I hope you can give just as much as you can be whatever you can me.
Not going to lie, your story is an exited and just a stunning and epic story telling with it. The vision is temping and a slice of curiously with it. Your Originality is clear and a classic of what you are. Technique can be just a bit hazy, but that was probably on me. I'm a bit "one way to the other".

Technique is straight and steady with even pace and decide to learn. I really love the spirit you have, otherwise I was just be another story. Not an energy, creative color, and strive to be a unique blend of you.
How do we get an Art/Story to add it on a different favorite. Watch.

"Click Art to a favorite. Then, ask which favorite will be added for. I will say "Pokemon", and they will autograph for "Pokemon." I thought we have that, but now we don't? I don't know, it's just seem to be a quicker way for actually making a lot more quicker.


United States
I am who I am, and I'm sticking to my story.

Current Residence: Out of my mind
Favourite genre of music: Anything works
Favourite style of art: Any
MP3 player of choice: One that works
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachu
Personal Quote: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."



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